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Heavy Cash Discount on Nissan X trail

On the festive season, Nissan declared a cash discount of Rs 20 lakh for Nissan X trial as the Dashain Scheme.

After such an announcement by the company, an issue arose for discussion among automobile business and consumers.

That’s why the company announced such a big discount of Rs 20 lakh on the same vehicle? It was a matter of interest to everyone.

So, the company decided to give a statement related to this matter. Nissan‘s official distributor’, ‘Pioneer Moto Corp, said that the offer was made to clear the vehicle’s stock as the 2018 X-trial had been in store for two years.

They also included that ‘Some units in the Nissan X trial were older models.

We have given a discount of Rs 20 lakh to make it solve the rising issue of the company and ease customer while buying the vehicle.

Price, Payments, and Discounts

According to the company source, the Nissan X trial 2018 model now has only three units left.

The company has been selling it for Rs. 1 crore 39 lakh and 99 thousand for five-seat capacity and Rs 1 crore 44 lakh 99 thousand for 7-seater.

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The company also has an X-trial of the 2020 model. In the 2020 model, customers will get a discount of Rs 9 lakh 41 thousand.

Apart from this, the company has stated that they will pay one-year insurance and one financial year vehicle tax for their customers.

According to the company source”, “If the customer pays the down payment after 6 months without any cash discount, the company will provide that facility as well. Customers who buy a car in this way have to provide their bank guarantee as well.

According to this policy, the company will also pay four months’ EMI when a customer buys the vehicle.

Furthermore, the company also added that if the customer buys a car on the down payment method after six months, they will not get a cash discount.

While vehicle tax and insurance will still be available.

Overview of Nissan X-Trail

In the Nepali Context, the Nissan X-Trial is a competitive model of the Toyota RV4.

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Engine specifications & Dimensions

It has a 1997 cc petrol engine. The engine delivers a maximum of 142 PS of power and 200 Nm of torque.

It has a length of 4640 mm, a width of 1820 mm, and a height of 1710 mm. It has a 2705 mm wheelbase.

—Simple Loan for Ashok Leyland Dost Car—

A recent agreement was made between Ashok Leyland and NMB Bank. At the same time, it will be distributed by IME Motors Pvt. Ltd and will also operates under IME Group.

The agreement has been signed by Deputy Chief Executive (DCE) Officer Suraj Bhattarai on behalf of IME Motors and Chief Business Officer (CBO) Sudesh Upadhyay on behalf of the bank.

Ashok Dost
Ashok Dost

About Agreement

According to an agreement, customers who have been recommended by IME Motors have signed a deal with NMB Bank to invest in circulars and concessional loans to eligible individuals and institutions as well as interest subsidy.

According to a bank’s policy, customers will be provided with a concessional loan of at least 60 % of the purchase price without collateral for the purchase of all vehicles of the Dost model manufactured by Indian company Ashok Leyland and sold by IME Motors.

This facility is available for other vehicles and manufactured by Ashok Leyland while selling, and IME Motors do the distribution.

The agreement also instructed that the loan facility and the two companies will participate in various programs for brand awareness in a standard room.

This agreement will make it much more comfortable for customers to get credit in the coming days.

While Ashok Leyland’s LCV segment consists of basic needs like Dost models of milk, water, vegetables.

It also includes refrigeration, garbage, women’s collection, ambulances, mortuary vans, and other commercial vehicles.


Suzuki cars’ official distributor for Nepal, ‘CG MotoCorp,’ and the automotive division under CG Holdings prepared to bring Suzuki cars produced by Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) Japan to the Nepali auto market.


Until now, the Suzuki cars manufactured by Maruti Suzuki from India have been sold in Nepal.

Hence the Suzuki brand from Japan is finally arriving in the Nepali market. Now we can buy the car sold in international markets, including Europe and North America, with the same features and design.

The company will only import advanced division cars from Suzuki Motor Corporation. As for now, CG MotoCorp Nepal will continue the current lineup.

As per company ‘Suzuki has been providing the biggest range of cars for Nepali customers. We are now arranging to import first-class range products straight from SMC Japan,”

The Vitara is one of the best-selling premium SUVs in the European market. It will be the first car to enter the Nepali market through the new channel.

This car will have a four-wheel-drive system, a dominant 1.6-liter engine, and other premium features.

Expected Price

The starting price of the new Suzuki Vitara will be Rs. 79, 99,000.

Date of launch

The company has stated that it will bring Suzuki Vitara car to Nepal by March 2021.

Interested customers will be able to pre-book Vitara.

The company is preparing to sell these vehicles from CG Next Gen showrooms.

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