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The Japanese automobile company sells and distributes Maruti Suzuki vehicles, which is still one of the most iconic cars globally.

Jimny‘s sale should have already been started in Nepal by now, but due to COVID-19, it still hasn’t arrived here in the Nepali auto-market.

The automobile industries are actively working on producing an electric vehicle.

Present-day, almost all automobile manufacturing companies in the world are working on electric car production in one form or another.

Suzuki has also been intensely involved in this. The company has finalized the testing of an electric vehicle at the base of Maruti Suzuki WagonR in India.

Suzuki Jimny EV concept
Suzuki Jimny EV concept



Nicole Beatinley, Rafael Ann, Fironzo Firintino, and Fabrizio Luciano have designed the electric Suzuki’s iconic SUV Jimny. They named it the ‘Suzuki U: man’ concept.

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It is said that Suzuki took it with great interest and prepared to work with the students.

U: man Concept

Like Jimny, it is designed in a boxy style. In the front, the designer wanted to retain its look in the introductory class but wanted to give it an extreme and extensive form.

To make a spacious cabin, the wheels are pushed more to the corners.



The headlights look stylish in futuristic form. The designer wanted to give it a technological texture by presenting the headlights display, which acts like most other models.


Motivated by the typical off-road impression, the wheels look very muscular. It has got 6 spoke wheels with an exposed design that has been shown in this concept. For security purposes, the rim has been protected with rubber composite.

Roof Design

Its roof is made entirely of glass. It is believed that the designs provide a different kind of feel to the rider. Although working with this kind of method, the designer also had to put up the soft top opening. They decided to have both the choices – a fixed fabric roof and a panoramic glass roof. 

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On the B-Pillar, it includes a made-up screen to give you the statistics about the vehicle, and also, it is linked to the widget system on your mobile to display calendars and schedules without going inside the SUV.


The traditional look has been continued in its interior as well. There is a display on the dashboard. Features like wireless charging, advanced connectivity will continue. It is planned with a capacity of 4 seats. Nevertheless, up to 5 persons can travel on it.

Cluster and Steering Wheel 

The standard steering wheel is equipped with the instrument board (controller knob). Merging tech and analog, the cluster offers only the vital data to the driver.

Gate Panel

Inside the cabin, the door panel consists of a compact and upright handle that divides the storage net’s armrest. 

Load Space

The large shaft can quickly put up big luggage or gears, making the journey charming and free of hassles.

Suzuki Jimny EV concept
Suzuki Jimny EV concept


This is a concept car developed by the students as a case study. Therefore, no information has been given about other features, power, battery, motor, etc.


Hyundai Motors has released a teaser video of the fourth generation of its most popular SUV, the Tucson. Alongside the teaser, the company has specified that it will have its international debut on September 15.

Hyundai had a restoration in Tucson five years ago. Nevertheless, Tucson’s new generation is entirely different from the previous, renewed, and occupied with up-to-date features.

 Body and Design

The teaser made by the company to the public shows extensive alterations to the front grille.

The front has a new grille of Jewel Sep, while the rear has a strip light attached between the two backlights, making this SUV more eye-catching than before.

All new 2021 Hyundai Tucson
All new 2021 Hyundai Tucson


The teaser released last week shows attractive lights on the front and back.

Hyundai has entitled the daytime running light on the front grille as ‘Parametric Hidden Light.’ 

The dashboard also has a large-sized infotainment display system with a current theme.

All new 2021 Hyundai Tucson
All new 2021 Hyundai Tucson


It was essential to modify this model, which had 137,000 sales in 2019.

Customers will have to wait until September 15 to find out about the new generation of their best-selling models.


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