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[ LATEST] Tata introduced it’s new Winger Ambulance in Nepal (2020)

Ambulance is available in 3 different categories


The Sipradi Trading Pvt., the official distributor of TATA Motors, has recently introduced a new Tata Winger Ambulance in the Nepali market in line with the various standards.

As per the Sipradi Trading Pvt, it is a rescue vehicle as indicated by AIS 125 and the Ministry of Health guidelines and Population, Government of Nepal.


 The Winger is a uniquely designed ambulance providing top-class service and comfort to their patient non like any other ambulance service currently present in Nepal.

The Tata Winger can provide maximum support and reliability for the safety of the patients.

It’s motor and driveline have been decreased to increase cabin space for patients and caretaker’s comfort levels.

It helps to cut-off prices for Ambulance administrators and hospitals as well.

Winger Ambulance is available in 3 different categories.

  • Category A- Advance life support
  • Category B- Basic life support
  • Category C- Common life support
Tata Winger Ambulance
Tata Winger Ambulance in Nepal

Category A

While traveling in Category A, it includes the essential feature like a ventilator.

Plus, it also carries some other crucial elements like an automated External Defibrillator (AED), hemostatic set, and chest drainage tubes.

Listing Management Tool

Ensuring adequate space for patient care, Platform in Category A has an automatic stretcher and an isolated patient compartment separate from the driver’s cabin.

Tata Winger interior
Tata Winger interior

Winger Category A: Engine specifications

This Tata vehicle has a 2.2-liter DiCOR, BSIV Engine with Flat Torque ensuring unmatched performance and fuel efficiency. 

This 2.2-liter DiCOR motor comes with a Flat Torque Curve providing uniform speed and acquires eco-friendliness.

Brakes & Suspension

This Tata vehicle suspension and the vibration level minimized to its lowest level.

There are arrangements of Anti-Roll Bars, Hydraulic Shock Absorbers, and Radial Tires at the McPherson Strut Independent Front Suspension give a comfortable ride to patients and make drivers genuinely comfortable. 

Tata Winger interior
Tata Winger interior

Category B

Like in category A, Category B also has a 3488 mm wheelbase based on the BSIV Platform.

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It has an automatic stretcher and an isolated patient compartment separate from the driver’s cabin for the patient, ensuring adequate patient care space. 

This Tata vehicle is equipped with a CPR Board, ECG Monitor, Oxygen Monitor, Splints, OB Kit, Manual Suction Set, Catheterization Sets, a Nebulizer Set, and some other essential features, making it one of the best ambulance service provider currently available in Nepal.

Category C

The Category C is equipped with two ACs and a stretcher-cum-bed. It has enough living space for assistants as well as for the patients.

According to Rudra Roop Maitra, Head of International Trade, Commercial Vehicles of Tata Motors, said, ‘Tata Motors accepted by the Nepali mind and therefore Tata Motors wants to introduce new models and a variety of vehicles in Nepal. We believe that this ambulance will be extremely beneficial for our health sector. The company is delighted to bring you this wonderful vehicle built with good intentions.

According to the Government of Nepal, customs duty is waived on emergency vehicles such as ambulances.

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