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Sustainable Group has revealed 3 new electric vehicles in Nepal. All three vehicles brought by the company can be used as public transport.

Following are the names of this 3 new EV:

1. thee Go e-bus.
2. thee Go E6-minibus.
3. thee Go Danfe-microbus.

The company’s main aim is to transform Nepal’s mobility sector by introducing eco-friendly vehicles in Nepal public transportation system.

Speaking on the occasion, Hemant Puranik, CEO, Digo, said, “E-mobility is a permanent and essential answer to the growing air pollution in Nepal.” The thee Go has integrated its efforts with the development of a full-fledged e-mobility ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Nepal. These high-performance electric buses will match the aspirations of Nepal’s customers and mainstream entrepreneurs in an incomparable way that will make electric vehicles the mainstream vehicle in Nepal.

The company has also reported that they are already started selling these 3 EV vehicles by preparing all the necessary infrastructure for its major purpose.

thee Go e-bus.

thee Go e-bus is a premium electric bus in the segment. It includes features like ABS, starlight, protection bar, LED route board, roof hatch with the ventilation fan, digital clock, MP3 plus radio, remote control door charging receptacle, air conditioner, headrail, and more. This bus can support up to 70 people. 

thee Go e-bus.
thee Go e-bus in Nepal

thee Go e-bus Safety Features

For safety reasons, the bus is equipped with a fire extinguisher, rear camera, 4 safety hammer, door monitoring system. It can be used in public transport, urban fleet, city travel, staff transportation, airport shuttle, etc.

thee Go e-bus Battery Capacity

It has a 129 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery and a 140 kW motor that can run up to 200 km in standard operation condition on a single full charge. Its electricity cost per kilometer is Rs.7.1 paisa

thee Go E6-minibus.

The thee Go E6-minibus comes in the premium segment. It is technically advanced and allows up to 20 passengers at a time to experience pollution, noiseless and comfortable travel.

The thee Go E6-minibus can be considered as a very useful minibus. It has the highest facilities, cost reduction, and very eco-friendly vehicles to use for daily transportation. 

thee Go  E6-minibus.
thee Go E6-minibus.


thee Go E6-minibus Interiors

With a widespread interior, large seats, and an easy sliding door to get in and out, this bus is an excellent means of transporting a certain number of passengers.

Individual seats can be made for 14, 16, 17, and 20 people as per requirement. It can be used as city-to-city travel, staff transport, airport shuttle, tourist pick-up, and drop-off, school van, and site-seeing vehicle.

thee Go E6-minibus Battery Capacity

thee Go E6-minibus has an 80 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery and a 110 kW motor. thee Go E6-minibus  can travel up to 210 kmph in standard operation conditions on a single full charge. The cost of electricity per kilometer of this bus is only Rs.3.2 paisa.

thee Go Danfe-microbus

thee Go Danfe-microbus is a multi-purpose electric vehicle. thee Go Danfe-microbus has a seating capacity of 11 people.

thee Go Danfe-microbus.
thee Go Danfe-microbus.

This microbus is filled with technically advanced features. The Danfe Fleet Service is the perfect choice for inbound and outbound travel, staff transport, airport shuttles, tourist pick-and-drop, school vans, and site-seeing vehicles.

thee Go Danfe-microbus Battery Capacity

thee Go Danfe-microbus is equipped with a 42 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery and a 60 kW motor. This microbus will provide a range of up to 250 km in standard operation conditions on a single full charge. The cost of electricity per kilometer of this microbus is Rs.1.6 paisa.


The starting price of these vehicles:

  1. The price of the thee Go e-bus is Rs.1,26,50000.
  2. The price of the thee Go  E6-minibus Rs. 90,00,000.
  3. The price of a thee Go Danfe-microbus is Rs. 44,00,000.

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