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You might be assuming it’s a misleading headline or just a clickbait. But it is not. In Brazil, there’s a dog named Tucson Prime, who is undoubtedly one of the best Hyundai car dealers at this present time to walk on this planet earth.

The amazing fact is that he is now a professional car dealer in Brazil Hyundai’s showroom.

The cost that the Covid-19 pandemic is assuming the economies of nations all around the globe; numerous organizations are battling and are reducing expenses by conserving workers.

At this time, one Hyundai cars showroom in ‘Espirito Santo’ Brazil, settled on the bizarre choice to take on another representative not because of the current monetary state, yet instead the way that the new representative strolls down on the ground and barks.



tucson prime
Tucson Prime


And the question is, How?

The story started when Prime was just a stray dog who lived in front of a Hyundai showroom. One day, one of the Hyundai staff decided to bring him in and make him part of their family.

Tucson is a former stray dog with no owner, and now he is attracting people from all over the world from his existence. At one time, he was walking down the street when a Hyundai showroom raised the dog. 

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The showroom operator said that it did not take long for Tucson Prime to mingle with the showroom employees. And now he is selling cars as a dealer to real customers out there in the world.

A dog working in a Hyundai Motors showroom in Brazil has won the Best Employee award as well.  

While on duty, he has been wearing an ID card. Initially, he was assigned to work as a watchman. Due to his excellent work, he has now given a new responsibility in the sales department.

Tucson was a locally famous dog, but soon after, when Hyundai Brazil shared his story on the Instagram page, He was instantly hit and loved by many from all over the world.

Since joining the Hyundai family, it has succeeded in winning the hearts of colleagues and their customers.

The company has launched Tusan Prime’s own Instagram account.

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The account, which now has more than 100,000 followers which is rapidly gaining more followers.

After being viral on social media, Tucson Prime is now Hyundai’s salesman as well as Hyundai Brazil Brand Ambassador. This dog has gained so much in a short time.


While he will be unable to step through clients on an examination drive, Tucson is, in any case, drawing consideration online for his charming characteristics.

Clients have been running to the showroom less to inspect the vehicles yet to get a look at the Tucson Prime doing his rounds. Sounds.

tucson prime
Tucson Prime

Upon entering the showroom, Prime welcomes customers.

It said that this has made the animal lovers very happy. This new member is almost a year old.

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