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Harley-Davidson Is Leaving India. What will happen in Nepal?

Harley Davidson’s Indian plant is closing.

It’s been almost a decade that Harley entered the Indian market. Now, Harley Davidson is all set to leave India due to the low selling rate and low demand.

As per company executives, American maker Harley is going to expel its plant from India and other nations.

Harley Davidson in Nepal
Harley Davidson in Nepal

Harley Davidson Future Strategies

As indicated by company management, it will concentrate on its primary market and leave strategy from low-selling nations. According to the company, the company will not sell Harley’s bikes in the Indian market as they are not selling as expected.

The company declined to remark on India’s prompt designs, and an outer representative said it “doesn’t remark on speculation.”

 Harley producer relied upon to keep on running skeletal activity to give after-sales support, to the bikes that have been already sold in the nation and help its dealers.

Harley Davidson in Nepal
Harley Davidson in Nepal

As for now, the company procedure to concentrate on around 50 markets, predominantly in North America, Europe, and parts of Asia Pacific that speak to “most of the company’s volume and development potential.”

In an announcement going with its second-quarter results a month ago, Harley-Davidson stated: “The organization is assessing plans to leave global markets, where revenue and growth don’t help continued investment following the future system. .”

Harley Davidson Unit Sales.

Harley is assembled in Bawal Haryana, India. Right now, 750 Harley streets and 750 Harley rods are built in India. The company concentrates on the top-rated advertise for its motorcycles and is cutting 30 % off existing models.

Listing Management Tool

Harley has sold 210,000 units of bikes in the worldwide market. Harley had sold 2,500 units in India before finishing this financial year and sent out 2,100 units.

From April to June, deals in India fell by 87 % and fares by 40 %. Some time prior, during the visit of US President Donald Trump to India, it was said that the duty required on Harley Davidson would be decreased.

Impact in Nepal.

IME Motors are selling Harley Davidson motorcycles in Nepal. Harley’s future, which entered Nepal when Harley began production in India, seems to be in doubt when Harley withdraw their productions from India.

Right now, the 750 series delivered in India are sold in the Nepali market. Harley, which entered Nepal two years back, has not been able to do great business in Nepal.

Harley Davidson in Nepal
Harley Davidson in Nepal


The price of Harley motorcycles in Nepal is likely to increase. Harley, which insignificantly sold in the Nepali market, will exit the Indian market. At the point when imported from a third nation than India, its cost will consequently increase.

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You may ask;

  • Why is Harley-Davison failing in the global market?

Post-sales growth of Harley-Davidson failed in the United States of America for the past four years.
Even the stock price of Harley decreased by a total of 42% in the last five years.

  • Is Harley Davidson worth buying?

It depends upon your choice. It has a unique sound and an attitude, but the bike is not as good as it used to be. Many customers reported complaints against its reliability.

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