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TVS Ntorq Super Squad Edition

After the massive success of TVS Ntorq, Company recently launched its new race edition called the Super Squad Edition.

Jagdamba Motors, the official distributor of TVS, has brought the Super Squad Edition of Ntroq to Nepal.

The latest edition brought by the company was unveiled in India a month ago.

It sounds exciting and looks eye-catching as well.

The new Super Squad Edition comes in three different colors with Avenger Inspire graphics.

This new TVS Ntorq edition looks different and has the ability to stands out from the crowd.

It comes in Stealth Black, Invincible Red, and Combat Blue colors.

TVS Company in India has already started selling it in their local markets.

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TVS Ntorq Price In Nepal

  • The Ntorq 125 drum variant is priced at Rs 215,900.
  • The Disc variant is Rs 240,900.
  • The Race Edition is Rs 258,900.
  • The Super Squad variant at Rs 266,900.
  • The FI Race Edition at Rs 277,900.

Ok. Let’s jump right into the Super Squad Edition.

TVS Ntorque
TVS Ntorq

TVS Ntorq – Combat Blue – The Captain America

TVS Ntorque
TVS Ntorq

One of the most popular Super Hero from the Hollywood movie,’ Captain America.’

The graphics on this two-wheeler comes with Captain America decals.

It gets classic Red and Blue labels from the first avenger, whereas there’s his shield at the front, making it look even more prominent.

It comes with Captain America decals on both side panels.

TVS Ntorq-Invincible Red – Iron Man.

TVS Ntorque
TVS Ntorq

This edition gets Iron man decals gold and classic red.

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There are not only Iron Man decals on both side panels, but it also includes the number 63.

This number indicates the year when Iron man was first introduced in the Marvel Universe. Cool!

TVS Ntorq-Stealth Black – The Black Panther

TVS Ntorque
TVS Ntorq

This one is my personal favorite.

This edition has Black Panther-inspired decals and also includes Sports Kinetic energy and Jet Black labels.

It comes with the signature salute saying,’ Wakanda Forever’ and the Black Panther mask.

Like Invincible Red, it also includes the number 66, denoting the year when the first Black Panther was launched.

Available Features.

TVS Ntorque
TVS Ntorq

The Connect feature in the Ntorq Super Squad Edition has been refined without any mechanical parts other than the caller.

SmartXonnect powers the Connect App of the Super Squad Edition. It includes a customized UI inspired by the characters.

Each character’s app is built with a unique character trait of the chosen Super Hero, giving it a complete Marvel experience.

The SmartXonnect features have Bluetooth enabled, Navigation assist, Ride Stat Share on social media platforms, Caller Id, Last parked location help.

Engine and Battery Specifications.

It has a 124.8 cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, three-valve, and Air-cooled FI engine.

The engine generates a maximum power of 6.9 kW @ 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 10.5 Nm @ 5500 rpm.

It consists of an Automatic Centrifugal Clutch and is equipped with a battery of 12V, 4 Ah MF.

It has an LED Headlamp (35/35W HS1) designed for race edition.


Some frequently asked questions from the buyers:

  • How tall is the vehicle?
  • My height is less than 5.2 or even shorter. Will I be able to handle this scooter?
  • Can we take this scooter to an off-road track?

Well, the answer might depend upon how confident you are with your riding skills.

The total height of the scooter is 1164 mm. You can smoothly ride this scooter without any height issue.

The total ground clearance is 155 mm that means you can take this two-wheeler off track, but not so often because scooters are mainly made for everyday city rides, and they’re not built with proper suspension made for off-road trails.

It has a total weight of 118 kg, whereas its entire length and width are 1861×710, respectively.

The wheelbase is 1285 mm, whereas its rear brake diameter is 130 mm.

It has a total fuel tank capacity of 5.8 liters.

Brakes and Suspension

The front brake consists of a discs brake, while the rear includes a drum brake.

It has a Synchronized Braking System.

The front suspension includes Telescopic Suspension with Hydraulic Dampers, while the rear suspension consists of a Coil spring with Hydraulic Dampers.

It has High Rigidity under Bone Tubular Type chassis.

Wheels and Tyres

It consists of alloy on both sides of the wheels. Made out of radial tyres, they are both tubeless types.

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