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YAMAHA MT 15 in Nepal (2020)

Here's an overview of Yamaha MT 15 currently available in Nepal Auto-Market

Yamaha MT 15 Overview

Yamaha is one of the top-selling motorcycles in the world, including Nepal.

It is reliable, trustworthy, reasonable, and unquestionably one of the notable motorcycle brands in Nepal. MT 15 represents the A-game “Dark Side of Japan” series.

It has the same engine present in Yamaha R15 v3.0, which is the latest model from Yamaha.


 MT 15 gained immense hype before making a mark in the Nepali market.

People were eager for the arrival of the new Yamaha. Yamaha Nepal managed an exceptional occasion for the launch of MT 15 in the capital city, Kathmandu.

The majority of people were impressed by its looks since it was interestingly structured and had the option to get a great deal of attention.

The body and the specs it offered were unique in a certain way; however, the cost was a significant issue.

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For a 150 cc motorcycle, the price was equivalent to higher cc motorcycles (200-250cc) segments that we can find in the market.

Yamaha MT-15
Yamaha MT-15


  • Slipper Clutch
  • Bi-Functional LED Lights
  • Upright Riding Position
  • Lightweight Compact Design
  • Negative LCD Instrument Cluster
  • Raised Rear LED Lights.

Engine Specifications

The MT 15 is powered by a 155cc engine, single-channel ABS, liquid-cooled that produces a maximum power of 19.3 PS @ 10000rpm, and maximum torque of 14.7 Nm @ 8500rpm.

It has got a 6-speed manual gearbox.

MT 15 gets the delta box frame on its body, making the rider feel confident and safe while riding the bike.

It includes (VVA) variable Valve Actuation, which helps motorbike to generate mighty deliverance to its performance.

Yamaha MT 15 engine
Yamaha MT 15 engine

Key Specifications

Emission Type: BS6
Engine Displ.: 155 cc
Mileage: NA
Power: 18.5 PS @ 10000 rpm
Gear Box: 6-Speed
Fuel Type: Petrol
ABS: Single Channel
Head Lamp: NA
Wheels Type: Alloy
Tire Type: Tubeless
Standard Warranty (Years): NA

Price & Colour Options

The current MT 15 is ₨. 4,34,900 and available in two color options- Blue and Black.

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Here are some of the queries related to MT 15:

  • Can we take MT 15 on a long ride?   

Well, the answer is not really. Since it is a naked sports bike, the wind will be a major problem for the rider while riding it at high speed on the highway.

It is made especially for city rides with the low-end torque, which is good for quick twists and turns in the streets.

  •  What is the top-speed of the MT 15? 

The MT15 accelerates from 0-100 kmph in 12.08 seconds. MT-15 maximum speed is 130 kmph.

  •  What is the mileage of the Yamaha MT 15?

The average mileage of the MT-15 is 48 kmpl.


The company reported that they are ready to make the TVS RTR 200 4V public very soon, and it is equipped with various new features.

The latest version of the TVS RTR 200 4V is about to enter the Nepali market one week.

The TVS RTR 200 4V is also one of the best-selling motorcycles in Nepal.

Its power and aggressive looks are considered popular among the many Nepali riders. 

The company is launching the RTR 200 4V with three new features.

Earlier, the non-ABS version was sold by the company, but now the ABS feature will be added to this motorcycle.

TVS Apache 200 4V in Nepal
TVS Apache 200 4V in Nepal


It will incorporate an all-new LED headlamp. The TVS company has utilized new LED headlamps in the currently available RTR 160 Four V and 200 4V.

The company guarantees that the headlamps of aggressive looks despite everything make the motorcycle more appealing.

The new TVS RTR 200 4V  is now equipped with a fully digital instrument console associated with better visual comfort.

The rider will now have an option to connect his cell phone and use calls and SMS.

The RTR 200V is equipped with features like low fuel cautioning, head protector cautioning turn-by-turn route, constant clock, gear pointer, tachometer.

The company had given this Smart Connected Instrument Console RR310 and Scooter of the Year champ Antark 125.

The company is said to have utilized similar support in the RTR 200 4V as well.

Engine Specifications

The RTR 200 4V has a displacement of 197.8 cc signal chamber, four-valve, Fuel Injected, oil-cooled engine delivering the maximum power of 20.2 BS and 16.8 Nm of maximum torque.

It has a 5-speed gearbox along with the shoe grip.

Expected Price

Although Jagdamba Motors Pvt. Ltd. has been selling TVS bikes and scooters in Nepal, the final cost of the new bike TVS Apache RTR 200 4V has not been made open by the company.

The new RTR 200 Four V  evaluated to cost around Rs 345,000.

As of now, the non-ABS Apache RTR 200 4V  is evaluated at Rs 325,000 in Nepal.

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